OCD Support Therapy

My OCD was affecting every single part of my life.  I was finding it difficult to live a normal life.  I found the help I needed at www.mytherapycouch.com through an OCD support therapy group.  Best of all, the help was free. Without my support group, I know I would not be where I am today.  [...]

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a really good thing.  I was kind of angry when my therapist suggested that I attend some group therapy sessions.  I really did not see the point.  I didn’t want to sit around and compare notes with other people who didn’t understand me.  The therapist is enough as it is. I [...]

Support Group Therapy

A very effective alternative to individual therapy is Support Group Therapy. In Support Group Therapy patients are able to work through their problems in a facilitated social environment. Having other people around with similar issues can be an extremely valuable way of getting new ideas and approaches for handling your own problems.
Support Group Therapy does not necessarily have to take the form of a bunch of people sitting in a circle, calmly admitting their issues to one and other like you see in the movies. Support Group Therapy can include outings, dancing, cooking, and pretty much any other form of activity that you might consider doing in a group. In fact, activities are often a great way to break the ice and build rapport between participants.

Support Group Therapy has also proven quite effective with children of pretty much all age groups. In young children this may look very similar to a play date. The main difference here is that the play is directed by the therapist in a way that gets the children to work on their problems through play and with the help of other children. Support Group Therapy is often a natural fit for adolescence as they will tend to gravitate towards social problem solving by default. Like with younger children, it is important for adolescence to have an effective therapist guiding the activities and tempering some of the negative social constructs that can sometimes occur.

Support Group Therapy can prove to be a great outlet as well. In a Support Group Therapy environment, issues such as anger management, interpersonal relationships, and stress from medical issues can take on a new richness as the patients can begin to relate their own issues to that of others. Support Group Therapy also gives them a wider audience to express their feelings to.


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